We are looking for motivated undergraduate, M.Sc. and Ph.D. students interested in experimental aeroacoustics and unsteady aerodynamics to join our research group.  Students from the Department of Aerospace Engineering and from other relevant departments, including Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, are welcome to apply. International students are also welcome to apply.

Multiple research topics are available involving different aspects of aeroacoustics:

Duct Acoustics and Aerodynamics

Ventilation ducting systems are an important and necessary requirement in an aircraft. However, the air passing around the ducting system and passing through the vents can produce unacceptably high levels of aerodynamic noise thereby degrading passenger comfort. The noise is generated by the turbulent flow in the airflow, which is generated as the air passes round bends and various constrictions in the duct. This projects aims to understand, at a fundamental level, the mechanisms of noise generation, eventually leading to a method for its prediction.

Rotor Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics

An Open Rotor concept offers high levels of propulsive efficiency for future aircraft, but suffers from high noise emissions. Tonal noise is reasonably well understood, but research into broadband noise predictions is challenging. Broadband noise is more difficult to model due to complex flow interactions and the high computational expense associated with predictions. The study will be largely experimental and will involve a significant amount of data analysis. The outcome of the project will be a more fundamental understanding of the underlying mechanisms behind broadband noise emissions, alongside efficient and accurate methods to model the noise.

Design Engineer Position

A design engineer position is now available in Aeroacoustics and Unsteady Aerodynamics Laboratory, located at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

Requested Profile:

  • Holder of at least a B.Sc., preferably M.Sc., in Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical and/or Aerospace Engineering, Environmental Engineering or related field.
  • Expertise in finite element/volume solvers (such as COMSOL, Fluent, CFX), and proficiency in various CAD software (SolidWorks, CATiA, etc’) is required.
  • A pre-existing solid background, or a strong desire to acquire knowledge, in the following subjects is essential: Mechanical Design, Fluid Mechanics, and Experimental Measurement Techniques.
  • High level of English language proficiency is desirable.
  • Candidates are expected to be self-motivated, hardworking and team players.

Expected tasks of the position:

♦Mechanical design ♦Simple multi-physics modelling ♦Creating engineering drawings ♦Selection of sub-components ♦Overseeing manufacturing and assembly of facilities

The laboratory is located on campus, and close to the Haifa city center. We maintain a very friendly environment, which will provide easy adaptation for the selected applicant.


Applications should be sent to Dr. Oksana Stalnov (oksana.s@technion.ac.il ) with Subject Line “Position …+ Your Full Name”

In order to apply, please submit a short cover letter and Curriculum Vitae.